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HazeGrayCyber is a veteran-owned small business based in Guam. Our location provides a central location in the vast area of the greater Asia-Indo-Pacific region. This region is characterized by its rich history, cultural diversity, and extremely long distances between locations making the sea a critical connector for regional prosperity.

Our Services

Giving Smartness to your Business

Zero Trust Solutions

HazeGrayCyber works with organizations to implement Zero Trust Solutions to secure their network and comply with government regulations.

Penetration Testing

HazeGrayCyber provides Penetration Testing to identify vulnerabilities and points of exploitation that need to be addressed before a potential breach to security occurs.

Risk Management Framework Support

HazeGrayCyber provides advanced solutions for an increasingly dangerous landscape.

Vulnerability Analyses

HazeGrayCyber offers Vulnerability Analyses to identify security weaknesses and threats of its environment.

5G Wireless Networks And It’s Potential Applications For The U.S. Military


5G is a fifth-generation wireless network and technology that will improve data speed, latency and volume over the current 4G wireless network.

4G and WiFi technologies were not initially designed to support thousands of individual wireless devices connecting to a single access point; 5G solves this problem by increasing the scale of devices supported by a single access point

Shifting from 4G to 5G will not only have an impact on global communications, it will fundamentally change the environment that the DoD operates within.

5G has the ability to enhance strategic capabilities and decision-making of the DoD on the battlefield. Additionally, 5G gives the DoD the ability to connect multiple systems into a broader network.

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Alan Harrow, Founder

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